Residential Estate Sales

 Estate Sales are a great way to liquidate the entirety of one’s estate – all personal belongings – often after a major life change such as moving, death or divorce. 

The sale is occurs at the home  for about two to three days - longer if necessary.

Some homes are sparsely furnished and immaculately clean - some are packed and dusty. We've seen and worked, a variety of home environments.  Don't clean up and don't throw anything away. We're happy to work on hoarder homes, mid-modern minimalist houses and anything in between.

Expect these things from us:

  • A full estate sale consultation tailored to your specific circumstances.  We will discuss our fees, time frame, our legal responsibilities, after sale clean up, and any other considerations - depending on your needs.
  • Knowledge of specific item value. Regional and current market value can often be different from the perceived value of a product.  
  • If there are certain items that you'd like to sell only after a reserve price is reached, we're happy to do so.
  • We maintain liability insurance & workman's compensation.
  • We collect and pay sales tax. 
  • We professionally advertise & market your sale.
  • We use our 59 combined years of retail experience to stage & set up your home. 
  • Items will be priced clearly and reasonably.
  • Your sale will be staffed with appropriate levels of salespeople & security.
  •  Customers may pay with cash or credit card.
  • We'll negotiate customer discounts & bulk purchases when appropriate.
  • Daily Sales totals will be provided to you.
  • We request that utilities are active, your homeowners' insurance is current, and that you do indeed possess the legal right to sell items.  
  • Payment will be made to you within 5 business days of the final sale day.
  • Strict adherence to our mutually agreed upon contract.