Collector's & Hoarder Estate Sales

Sometimes our homes are full -- VERY FULL-- We Call These Hoarder, Picker, or Discovery Sales...

If your estate is extreme in any way - quantity, condition, or cleanliness- it might take longer for us to organize your sale. Save everything until we can sort through it. Sometimes hidden treasures are beneath the rubbish. No worries, we've seen it all! We hold to our standards for all sales and might need to alter our normal processes to accommodate your situation. Our estate sales and organization services include hoarder homes. We have many dealers and pickers in Colorado Springs who love a full sale.


Expect these things from us:

  • A full consultation tailored to your specific circumstances.  We will discuss our fees, time frame, our legal responsibilities, after sale clean up, and any other considerations - depending on your needs.
  • Knowledge of specific item value. Regional and current market value can often be different from the perceived value of a product.  
  • If there are certain items that you'd like to sell only after a reserve price is reached, we're happy to do so.
  • We maintain liability insurance & workman's compensation.
  • We collect and pay sales tax. 
  • We professionally advertise & market your sale.
  • We use our 59 combined years of retail experience to stage & set up your home. 
  • Items will be priced clearly and reasonably.
  • Your sale will be staffed with appropriate levels of salespeople & security.
  •  Customers may pay with cash or credit card.
  • We'll negotiate customer discounts & bulk purchases when appropriate.
  • Sales totals will be provided to you.
  • We request that utilities are active, your homeowners' insurance is current, and that you do indeed possess the legal right to sell items.  
  • Payment will be made to you within 5 business days of the final sale day.
  • Strict adherence to our mutually agreed upon contract.